Friday, December 16, 2005

Jack is really making progress!!!

Hello. Jack had AVT today and did great. Jack is really picking up new words and understanding the meaning a lot faster than he ever has. The new words we have been working on the last 2 weeks (Christmas theme) he is understanding all of's amazing!!! Lynn our AV Therapist told me that she is so excited for this next year because Jack is just going to take off. I really know this for a fact to, I can see it in his eyes things are really clicking lately.

A cute story: I took the kids to get their hair cut last night and they give out suckers to the kids. Jack wanted a sucker and I told him he had to ask for one. He said, "sucker please" and also said "thank you" to the woman after she gave him one. He does not lick suckers, he bites them and they last about a whole 2 seconds. After the first sucker he said to me "one more". I told him he had to go ask the lady for another. He went up to the counter and she did not see him. He looked at me like what should I do. I told him to ask her for another sucker. So he started pounding on the counter and shouts "hey you". He has never said "hey you" be for in his life. I thought boy this kid is picking up random things without being taught. What was even better is the women understood everything he had said and even said how cute he was!!! Well this made my night. My son is finally communicating with strangers and getting his point across!!!

Today on our way back from taking my daughter to school I heard Jack in the back of the car saying "high five". He repeated this a couple of times and I thought what is he saying high five to....the building? I looked back at him and he said, "look" and pointed to a crossing sign. The kind that tell you when it is ok to cross the street or when to stop. Well the signal was a red hand and he was trying to give it a high five!? The thoughts of a three year old.....ya gotta love it.

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