Sunday, January 08, 2006

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Going to the Movies

Hello All,

Thought I would tell you this cute story. We took the kids to see Narnia this past week. Actually, I took the kids once and they loved it so much we went again and took Daddy. Well Jack sat glued the whole time (both times). I just happended to look over at Jack at the part where the lion comes back to life and the kids get on his back. The lion says to the kids "cover your ears this is going to be loud" and then he roars. I looked at Jack as the lion said this and Jack was covering his ears and got a pinched look on his face like he thought it was going to be loud. How cute is that!!

This really impressed me because he is obviously really hearing well at the movies. I know this is a concern for some children with implants, but I think Jack really does hear well watching TV and movies. He repeats a lot of what he hears when he watches TV too.