Thursday, January 12, 2012

Update on Jack

Today is January 12, 2012. Jack is now 9, almost February. We have been so please with Jack and his progress. He is mainstreamed in school and is doing great. He just brough home his end of second quarter math assesment test and he got a 93%. He is still having some trouble with reading...he's in 3rd grade and reading at a 2nd grade level, but he is catching up.

Jack is still seeing his AVT, who works mainly on reading and auditory memory tasks with him. Jack's articulation has greatly improved. The only thing he does now is mixes up his sentence structure sometimes in speech. This is why we believe the auditory memory piece will help this. He is also seeing a reading speciality outside of school.

In addition, to school and therapy, Jack has been playing hockey for the past year. He has just started playing goalie for an In-house Leauge and is doing great. He will probably be trying out for travel this year.

We are so proud of Jack and all his acomplishments! I never thought I would be as relaxed with Jack as I have been lately. It seems like as he matures, he is taking so much responsibility for himself now with his hearing and speech. He is a very hard worker and has such a personality that he attracts all that meet him.

Happy New Year!