Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Year Here We Come!!!!!!!

We are looking forward to Advanced Bionics new BTE processor.  It will be available this year and we will be upgrading Jack as soon as possible.  The processor is 40% smaller and the battery will hold charge for a longer time.  Jack now is getting about 14-15 hours of charge.  Sometimes when we go out at night and we forget to change batteries we do run out.  Hopefully this will be one more plus in our lives to not have to worry about remembering batteries. 

I will let you know how it works and if what they claim is true.

Update on Jack:  Jack is now in 4th grade and doing well.  He is an A-B student and his reading is getting better with each passing month.  He is currently envolved in Hockey and plays goalie for a local hockey club.  He is doing well and loves it.  He does well hearing with his helmet on and we have not hand any problems with sweat, like I thought we might.  His goalie helmet fits well around is implants without any customization. So.... not the case with his regular player helmet.  We had to cut out an area to fit his implant which always makes me worry about an impact because he is not protected where it has been cut out.  One reason I'm happy he is sticking with being a Goalie....better pads all around, and his helmet fits well and he is able to hear well with it on.

Jack winning MVP at the Notore Dame Cup.  Had a shut out game in overtime and an additional shoot-out.  Such and exciting game...he did so great!  Look out Blackhawks here comes Jack..........