Thursday, March 29, 2007

AB Failure after 3 Years

After 3 years of hearing out of his right side my son has now lost that hearing due to a device failure. We just had it confirmed yesterday by his Audiologist. I thought that this might have been happening a little at a time for the last month or so because Jack would complain that it would go in and out.

Jack is scheduled for reimplantion in 2 weeks so I will post on the outcome. They said it will take Jack a couple of weeks to a month to get back to where he was again on that side.

On a positive note Jack will receive that upgraded Harmony processor which I am happy about. I thought we would be fighting insurance again soon for the upgrade, I'm glad I will not have to deal with that now.

Another thing I am thankful for is Jack is BILATERAL!!! What would I be doing now if he wasn't. He does not know sign language and I don't know how to deal with him any other way than though speech. I think about how Jack would be with a device failure and not hearing at all for a month!!! Jack really was upset when it first happened, but now is going about his day and not really missing a beat. He saw his SLP yesterday and actually had a great session and he will be going to school this afternoon. This is another reason why bilaterals are such a have a backup!!! That makes it all worth it alone, not to mention the other incredible benefits!!!!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Jack Turned 5

Here is a picture of Jack blowing out his candles. I can't believe he is 5 already.....where has the time gone.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jack Making Great Strides in Language!

Wow it has just been a month since we have been seeing a speech pathologist for Jack's apraxia and it is paying off. Jack has really made great strides in his speech and his intelligibility. I feel a prayer has finally been answered!

His teacher even reported that she is really noticing a difference.

Jack has been so responsive to the new therapy that they have now diagnosed his apraxia as a mild case because he is moving along so rapidly.
Here is a cute picture of Jack at school. I will keep updating on Jack's progress.

What about Brian


I am so upset by where the What about Brian storyline has gone. Just recently a little 12 month old underwent implant surgery on the show. I really thought this story line was going to educate the public on the miracle we have all had in our lives, the Cochlear Implant. I just wrote a complaint to ABC and I would ask you all to do the same. I think they should give a service announcement at the end of the next show saying that the information that they gave in the last show was inaccurate.

Thank you!