Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Progress Notes

Hello All, It's been along time since my last post and I felt I should give an update. Jack has made the biggest gains this year and it is a miracle to us. Jack is finally getting good control over his speech and working on increasing his sentences. His ablitlty to be understood also has increased. He still has the diagnosis of Apraxia, but I have been told by his therapist that one day (hopefully soon) he will be free of his diagnosis.

As I have said in earlier posts, hearing is not Jack's main issue anymore. Yes, he is deaf and wears a cochlear implant, but he hears and is able to reproduce any sound as a hearing child with beautiful sound quality. Jack can hear me when he is upstairs or in the other room and we can talk back and forth and he has hearing friends that he communicates verbally with. The implant is a wonderful miracle, and that I can see hearing is not an issue is beyond what I could have ever imagined when Jack was first diagnosed.

We are still working hard with Jack, but Jack's progress this year has been the biggest of his life so far. Jack is a spirited young boy and able to do anything he sets his mind too. We are blessed to have such a wonderful caring team behind us and helping our son.