Thursday, December 29, 2005

Jack is "Darth Vader" for Christmas

Christmas was great!! Jack and Maddie got a lot of great presents from everyone. Jack got a lot of Star Wars stuff. His favorite was a Darth Vader Mask with a cape and light saber. Before Christmas he would ask me to tie his blanket around his shoulders and would then walk around the house making the Darth Vader breathing noises. Now he has buttons on the mask that makes breathing noises and also says sayings from the movie like "you don't know the power of the dark side". On our way to my sister-in-laws house on Christmas Jack was in the backseat with the mask and pushing the buttons over and over again. My daughter got mad and told Jack to stop pushing the buttons. I told her that on Christmas she should not get annoyed, but to be happy that Jack even wanted to push the buttons because if he didn't hear he would not have any use for the buttons because he could not hear them. I'm not sure she understood what I was trying to say because she was still upset with him and she is only six. It made me think though that we are lucky to be living in a time that allows my son to hear!!

Today I took some pictures of Jack in his mask......what a ham!!!

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