Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bi-lateral approved after news cast in N.Y.

Hello, I thought I would share this information with all who are visiting Jack's blog. Exciting news for a little boy in New York. His insurance company denied his bi-lateral implant, but when the news stepped in their denial was turned into an approval!!! Congratulations to them. We still have not received a decision from our insurance company yet, we have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. I have heard they are one of the hardest companies to get an approval from. I don't understand this at all! There is so much research out there to support the benefit of going bi-lateral. I guess it's all a money thing. They are trying to get out of paying for as long as they can, but they won't be able to keep denying much longer. With so many families choosing this for their children, insurance companies will be forced to pay attention to the improvements these kids are making. They will be forced to pay!!! It is our job as parents of this generation to fight for the next generation of implant candidates. Please see link below for transcripts from news segment on the boy in New York.

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