Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Jack was just fitted with Clearvoice yesterday. He has been complaining about not hearing his teacher this year. We have tried an FM, but at his school he gets a lot of static and we have tried to fix and change things many times without change. Anyway, Jack's audiologist mentioned fitting Jack with Clearvoice and got him in right away. I will be excited to see if Jack notices a difference when he gets home from school today.

One thing that I will say, the volume needed to be turned up during programing. The audiologist said it usually needs to be adjusted to +5 to +10. Jack was turned up to +5 and he said it sounded great, but when we got home he said it needed more. Another thing that seemed to bother him is he was watching Adventure Time (his favorite show) and the characters were talking and there was music in the background of the program. He was very upset, saying he could only hear the talking and not the music....he wanted to hear both! He didn't like it!

I called the Audiologist this morning to discuss this with her and she suggested if Jack is still unhappy by Monday she will put his old program on a setting just for TV. He can have the Clearvoice for school and harder to hear situations. I will let you know our findings.......

So far....not sure if we are for Clearvoice or not???!!!!

With the cancel out feature for background noise....does it cancel out too much environmental sounds? Is this a safety concern (cars, ect)?