Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Harmony Processor

Jack is now using the Harmony processor! We are very lucky that when he had a internal device failure (vender b) Advanced Bionics upgraded Jack to the Harmony processor for free, on both ears. We are all loving the new features of longer battery life. Jack can now go about 11 -12 hours without changing his batteries it is so nice to not have to think about that like we used to. Jack can now go to school all day without having to change his batteries and they are the SLIM size batteries too!! Also, having the light to let us know if something is wrong is nice too. Jack is not using the 120 programming yet, but I'm sure we will be upgrading to that when it is available. The new t-mic hook is something you should try also. It is much smaller than it used to be and is available now. It can be used on all processors.

Jack is also making such great progress in his speech, finally! We have found Jack's missing link into why he was so far behind in his expressive language. Getting him help with his apraxia has made a tremendous differnence. Jack is now starting to put 3-4 word sentences together and they are getting clearer by the day. A prayer has been answered!

Picture is from Jack at school last month.


Kauan Tyler's Mom! said...

TY for your message!!! I always visit your blog, especially lately that I am trying to decide between AB and Cochlear - I always read what you have to say about AB and how Jack is progressing with his new Harmony!!
Do you like the new Harmony? Did you have any specific reasons when you chose AB??? If you feel like it, please, email me... izbataglin@gmail.com it would be nice to hear from you!
Jack is a gorgeous boy, congratulations!!!!!

OCDAC said...

Your blog is a valuable testament to the evolution of the deaf society. As the deaf society evolves, they shed some of their past so they can gain wonderful opportunities to participate in all aspects of our society.

Just keep the blog going, just keep the blog alive.

Richard Roehm
The Orange Deafie Blog

Aaron said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. It particularly interested me as I am also the parent of a daughter with cochlear implants. Can you add my site to your list of links?


Val said...

Jack is sooo cute! Nice story, glad he's doing well.