Thursday, March 29, 2007

AB Failure after 3 Years

After 3 years of hearing out of his right side my son has now lost that hearing due to a device failure. We just had it confirmed yesterday by his Audiologist. I thought that this might have been happening a little at a time for the last month or so because Jack would complain that it would go in and out.

Jack is scheduled for reimplantion in 2 weeks so I will post on the outcome. They said it will take Jack a couple of weeks to a month to get back to where he was again on that side.

On a positive note Jack will receive that upgraded Harmony processor which I am happy about. I thought we would be fighting insurance again soon for the upgrade, I'm glad I will not have to deal with that now.

Another thing I am thankful for is Jack is BILATERAL!!! What would I be doing now if he wasn't. He does not know sign language and I don't know how to deal with him any other way than though speech. I think about how Jack would be with a device failure and not hearing at all for a month!!! Jack really was upset when it first happened, but now is going about his day and not really missing a beat. He saw his SLP yesterday and actually had a great session and he will be going to school this afternoon. This is another reason why bilaterals are such a have a backup!!! That makes it all worth it alone, not to mention the other incredible benefits!!!!!


Jason said...

Yes - this is exactly one of those things that bilaterals are for. We live in fear of such a failure happening to us but, with the safety net of the second implant, we'll just about keep those fears at bay.

Our thoughts are with you - Tom does like to check in on the photos of Jack every now an again. Just does his rounds of CI kids!

Jason, Nik & Tom

Drew's Mom said...

I saw your post on CI Circle and my heart went out to you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Jack. I'm so glad to hear that this hasn't affected him too much! We pray that he will be back to a bilateral kid in no time!

Drew's Mom

Karen said...

Wishing you a smooth transition with the upcoming re-implant!