Saturday, September 02, 2006

Start of the School Year!

Where did the summer go......too fast! Anyway Jack has started his second year in pre-school. He is attending a mainstream montessori in our community. Jack is now attending 5 days a week for half day sessions. Last year he attending only 4 days a week. We are still in AVT and are attending twice a week for a hour session.

I was so nervous for Jack to start school this year because when we would talk about school he would just say "no" and get mad at me. I thought he would have a major meltdown, but actually he did weep a little but his teacher said he calmed down quickly and went right to work. I think now that he is bi-lateral I'm a little less concerned about his hearing this year. He is a really good listener (when he wants to listen..ha ha) and his understanding is increasing daily. He still has a way to go with him using his words, but knowing he is understanding concepts and hearing them I know they are getting in there he will talk more when he is ready!

Jack's teacher said she is shocked how much Jack has improved in the last 3 months and that he is verbalizing with her more and repeating. Jack is a very smart kid and I know he will do well. So on to another successful year! I will update on Jack and school throughout the year.

His teacher took some pictures of Jack's first day and attached that picture. I knew Jack's hair needed to be trimmed, but seeing these pictures made me get him in for a haircut that excuse the hair!

P.S. Jack is also tolerating his "new" ear alone. We see his audiologist in two weeks and I will let you all know how that goes.

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