Thursday, September 07, 2006

Jack and his "New" ear

Update: Jack is now loving his "new" ear. He wears it alone and is understanding with it. He still likes his "old" ear best and really prefers to wear both, but he is able to tolerate his new ear alone and is pretty proud of himself. It's about time! Jack has not been too keen on working with his new ear alone until just this month and now we know that he has caught up with out strictly working with his new ear alone. Which is good news for all of you parents with headstrong kids who are unable to get there kids to tolerate working on the new ear!!! Now that he will tolerate his new ear we have been able to test how well he understands and can repeat what he is hearing.....and he really is close to being where his old ear is. He questions somethings, but very little, and he is very quick to repeat and respond.

I have noticed such a difference with him in noise. My husband races cars and we were at the racetrack last weekend and Jack was hearing as well and my hearing daughter. I and everyone around us were so impressed. We actually had a similar situation at Great American this summer. With all of the noise of the rides and screams from the people it did not seem to effect Jack's hearing. He was hearing so well even at a distance....the miracle of two ears! I am so thankful that we have been able to give my son the gift of hearing and now that he can hear with both ears it is icing on the cake. He is doing so well and I am so proud of him.

He is also doing well at school and his teacher said that she has noticed big changes in Jack since spring. He is more attentive and is working on a lot more advanced concepts!

I would recommend bilateral implants to any parent who is thinking of them for there child. It has made listening so much easier on Jack and on Mommy.....I don't have to repeat and he can hear greater distance and in noise! He seems to process sound faster also!

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