Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Surgeries over and Jack is doing great!!!

Hi!! Jack had surgery yesterday and is doing so well today, it's amazing. Jack was so brave the whole day, we are so proud of him. The day went really smooth from start to finish, Jack had a bit of a hard time in the recovery room (wanted his IV out), but other than that things were good. Dr. Young said that Jacks anatomy was perfect and the surgery was text book. She got full insertion of the electrodes and now we are anxiously awaiting his turn on. Dr. Young prescribed tylonol w/codeine and I have only given him one dose today and I really didn't need to then, but I thought he might sleep........yeah right! He has kept himself busy playing with his video games today and is really back to his old self. We have our follow-up appointment with Dr. Young on May 12th and his turn on date is May 23rd, we can't wait!

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