Monday, May 22, 2006

Jack is doing well in school

As I have mentioned before Jack is attending a mainstream montessori preschool in our town. Today he got his first progress report and he is doing really well, better than I thought. I was surprised by all the new things Jack is learning at school and new concepts his teacher has been working on with Jack. I'm very impressed with this school and know that this is the place Jack belongs. I will be excited to see how his bilateral will help him in school next year, I'm sure it will help a lot. Two ears are better than one! Tomorrow Jack is getting turned on I'm a excited, but a little nervous. I hope Jack tolerates it well. We will see.......
The picture of Jack I copied off Jacks schools website I thought it was pretty cute. If you would like to know more about montessori schools and what they are about you can visit There are several pictures of Jack on the site. He's a cutie and a smarty too.


Chaotic Mom said...

It is a GREAT feeling to know the kids are right where they need to be, right? My oldest is almost eight, has been to six schools since his CI journey began. We've been truly blessed through all of the wonderful people we've met. ;)

Brent Wilkinson (uk) said...

Fantastic report Jack is indeed a shining example to us all.
my son liam who is three has been implanted for 18 months,slow progress but getting there!! so stubborn though!!!,
your blog is an excellent read well done and good luck with jack
cheers from accross the pond

Brent Wilkinson nottm uk