Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jack's CI involved in the AB Recall

I was just informed yesterday, that in fact, Jack's CI was involved in the Advanced Bionics recall.

Advanced Bionics announced two weeks ago that they were recalling all unimplanted devices that were manufactured for them by Company B. They have two companies that manufacture for them, Company A and Company B. I guess they stopped having Company B manufacture for them anymore due to moisture problems in the internal 90K device. Jack was implanted with the 90k device two years ago and Jack's implant was also manufactured by Company B for AB.

Jack Audiologist mentioned that over 100 children were implanted with the 90k device at Children's Memorial and a little over 50 were implanted with the 90k devices made by Company B for AB. Jack was one of those unlucky ones. She said his device only has a 3.5% chance that it will fail and that they have had no failures due to moisture issues from any children that have been implanted with the "B" devices. She also said that AB said that if the device had been implanted over 200 days your chance of having a moisture related failure goes down. So that means hopefully Jack will be in the clear. As of today we have not had any issues and it has been over 200 days.

On another note, we are still awaiting approval for Jack bi-lateral. Hopefully it will be soon. It sounds like it may be a month before we get a decision.

If you have any more questions regarding the Advance Bionics recall visit there website. You can find a link to it in this blog listed under "links". Have a great day!!!

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