Monday, March 06, 2006

Jack Hearing Tested Today

Jack had his hearing tested today. He tested within "normal" hearing limits. Normal limits of hearing is anywhere from 0 to 20db. His SAT (speech awareness threshold, when he first starts to hear) was 15db today. He has tested in the past at turning to his name at 10db, but they didn't say his name today and just used "narrow band noise". I think he is more tuned into speech then into "narrow band noise" and I'm sure he would test at 10db if they would have used speech instead. Anyway, we are very happy with the testing and he is doing well and he needed no adjustments to his program. Infact, I could barely hear some of the sounds, my daughter moving around in her chair was louder then some of the sound out of the speaker. It is truly amazing how soft 15 db is and my son can hear at that soft of a level!!!

It was pretty cute today Kerry his audiologist kept trying to trick him with the testing and would pause a long time to see if he was giving false positives. Anyway, he would just sit and look at her and shrug his shoulders and say "nothing". It was very cute!!!

We are still in the process of getting insurance approval for a second implant. We are on our third appeal with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. We are working with an attorney at the Let them Hear Foundation and they have not lost one appeal yet. I just got word yesterday they they submitted the appeal last week. Keep your fingers crossed for us, we don't want Jack's case to be their first appeal they loose. We will keep you posted on the outcome. For more infomation on appealing for yourself

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Chaotic Mom said...

My fingers are crossed for you guys! I'll keep checking for your updates. ;)