Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My baby is 8

Time has flown by and now Jack (my baby) is 8 years old. It has been a time of reflection for me on how far Jack has come. From the start when we found out he was born deaf(six weeks old) , to unuseful hearing aid trial (declining loss - 18 months) , cochlear implantation (21 months) , bi-lateral cochlear implantation (31/2 years) , implant failure (4 years) , diagnosis of Jack having severe apraxia (4 years), to today. What a whirlwind it's been....I'm exhaused.... But what a blessing it has all been to me.

I went through a major greeving period after Jack was diagnosed. He was not my "perfect" baby...he was flawed. This was how I felt. I did not understand how or why this could be happening to me, to him! I look and do not see Jack as flawed at all, he is a remarkable, intelligent, fun, caring, loving, funny, handsome, friendly, fearless boy that I love. All of these issues has made Jack who he is. I would never change a second in time if it would change the boy I know and love today.

I have learned that life still holds challenges for my son, but they are challenges I know he has the skills to handle. In this too, I have learned that I can handle challenges that come my way too and that I am a very strong person. We are both strong for this life learning experience....thank god for this experience. I am blessed.

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