Monday, June 12, 2006

Bi-lateral is working

Jack is now starting to understand with his bi-lateral. It has really been quite a fight to get him to even work with his new implant alone. I have been taking Jack's lead and letting him slowly work alone with his "new" ear. Today I got about 5 min with his "old" ear off and he understood and repeated the sounds I said. I used cards with an airplane, boat, and mouse. I put the cards on the table and did ahh (for airplane), puh, puh, puh (for boat), and eee (for mouse). He not only picked up the right card for the sound he repeated the sounds without hesitation! Finally were getting somewhere.....yeah!

We have only had one adjustment since his turn on date of May 23rd. He did not cooperate at his adjustment because he did not want to do any work with his "old" ear off. He is a very stubborn boy and he does not settle down easily when he was upset so his audiologist just turned everything up generally without any real information from Jack. Hopefully next adjustment things will be better and we will get more information. Otherwise, Jack is now starting to work with me and understand. Yeah!!!

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